Resident Evil 7: 10 Facts, Secrets & Easter Eggs You Totally Missed

9. ...And The 1996 Original

resident evil 7 Arklay mountains

Whilst everything relating to the visuals of the Spencer Mansion tends to be the most iconic parts of 1996's Resident Evil, it's easy to forget the location itself was in the Arklay Mountains.

Discoverable in the foyer of the new Baker mansion - providing you know what you're looking at - the family appear to have a shot of the mountainous region, dated 1991. An idyllic look into the area before all the zombified chaos kicked off, perhaps?

The image predates the events of the first game, but a similar shot was used in the original Resident Evil movie, where Paul W.S. Anderson included the fleeting glimpse of the environment as his own easter egg to fans.

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