Resident Evil 7 Teaser: 8 Hidden Secrets You Must Find

There are more connections to the mythos than you think...

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After what seems like an eternity, Resident Evil is back - and it's better than ever. Revealed in a way that would make Hideo Kojima proud, the new sequel has dominated the headlines since its unveiling at E3 this week. Yet, while almost everything is different about the game this time around, from the enemies to the setting to even the perspective of your character, what hasn't been lost is the franchise's dedication to mystery.

And just like P.T. before it, the fabled Silent Hills playable teaser that was absolutely chock-full of hidden endings and secrets that took dedication and ridiculous leaps of faith to find, Resident Evil 7: The Beginning Hour has presented itself as being just as terrifying and enigmatic.

So it comes as no surprise that in the wake of P.T.'s magical Silent Hill reveal people have spent the past week combing through the Resident Evil demo looking for huge bombshells that are still yet to be discovered.

And although some have turned out to be nothing but wild goose chases (a flickering light that everyone thought would turn out to be morse code provided quite an interesting couple of hours as people scrambled to decipher the "message"), there's still plenty of brilliant twists and crazy easter eggs hidden in the demo that you probably missed on your first run through.

8. The Ghost Watching You The Entire Time

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While the demented "father" that grabs you at the end of the demo acts the main antagonist of the game, there's actually another ghostly figure that actually follows you throughout the entire experience.

In the VHS flashback in particular, a woman can be spotted haunting you around the mansion, turning up in doorways, windows and even hanging from the ceiling.

While ghosts haven't historically been part of the Resident Evil canon (although they were going to be introduced in the original build of the fourth game), it seems as though they might be getting introduced in the latest sequel.

Because with these sightings as well as rumours of ghostly apparitions dominating the headlines of the in-game newspapers, it looks like the franchise is leaving zombies behind in favour of a brand new menace.


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