Resident Evil 7 Teaser: 8 Hidden Secrets You Must Find

7. Is Umbrella Involved?

resident evil 7 umbrella

Although the Resident Evil demo is light on connections to the older games in the franchise (which isn't a bad thing, considering the still lingering bad taste of the sixth game), there's actually a hidden easter egg that links the events of the demo to the larger RE universe.

On a photograph that can be found in the flashback portion of the demo, a helicopter can be seen that bares the insignia of the Umbrella Corporation, Resident Evil's signature set of antagonists. Combined with a scrawled note on the back that contemplates if the company has been spying on the inhabitants of the abandoned building, it could indicate that Umbrella is once again going to somehow be involved in the events of the upcoming game.

And we already know the sequel takes place almost entirely within a huge mansion, so with hints that there's also a secret Umbrella experiment in the works, we're already wondering whether this new game is actually going to be a retelling of the original game's story.


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