Resident Evil 8 Village: Every Boss Ranked Worst To Best

Does Lady Dimitrescu still come out on top??

resident evil village bosses

Every video game needs a strong cast of bosses, it’s just a scientific fact. Well mostly. But when it comes to Resident Evil at least, this is a given.

From the main antagonist, all the way down to a mindless creature, each entry in the Cacom franchise has had a wide array of them and Village is no different. Unlike any other entry in the storied franchise, Capcom has gone out of its way to create a colourful cast that the player will have to no doubt deal with along the way.

As they take on the role of a desperate father, Ethan Winters just looking to save his daughter. So how do they all stack up to one another, are the optional side bosses worth the players time or are they just totally skippable? And which of the four Lords comes out on top?

There will be spoilers for Resident Evil Village throughout.

12. Uriaș Drac

Urias Drac Resident Evil Village

Not to be confused with the far superior El Gigante from Resident Evil 4, the Uriaș Drac is a little more come and well, much easier to defeat in Village. Though it does resemble the same Cave Troll like qualities, it is far smaller in size and carries a giant axe in which it slays many a foe.

How To Beat:

Though this creature might come across as terrifying at first, it can be dealt with pretty easily. Uriaș Drac is slow, not all that smart and on higher difficulties the smaller enemies getting in Ethan's way will present more of a challenge.

All in all, this boss is an optional one and in the two story locations the player has to confront it, keeping their distance and going for the face will put it down rather quickly. Especially with a magnum to hand. On and leaving the spawn location will also reset it, so the thing can be easily cheesed.


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