Resident Evil 8 Village Trailer: 10 Things You Missed

Are vampires finally coming to the franchise?

Resident Evil Village Tall Lady

The Resident Evil franchise stands as the most iconic horror franchise in video games.

Sure, its had tough competition at points, not to mention some very rough years, but since Resident Evil 7, it has been nothing but smooth sailing for the franchise.

Both remakes Resident Evil 2 and 3 were met with much fanfare, however, what everyone has been clamoring for is a proper continuation of the gripping first-person stylings of part 7.

Then at the PlayStation 5 reveal last June, Capcom revealed the goods...and boy it looks like we're in for a treat.

The new game is set in a tense and chilly Eastern European local, with references and gameplay looking to create an attractive hybrid of both series highpoints parts 4 and 7.

Also, as part 7 excitingly blended the franchise lore with 70s horror movies (e.g. Texas Chainsaw Massacre, The Hills Have Eyes), part 8 evokes classic Gothic horror tropes (e.g Dracula, Frankenstein), with it appearing to introduce several classic types of new monsters into the mix.

This week's official showcase only appeared to egg us on with more anticipation, as it showcased gameplay, announced an exclusive PS5 demo, and gave us yet another tasty story reveal trailer.

Filled with big moments, but plenty of cryptic details, let's hone in all these easy to miss, but vital details...

10. Ethan Winters Got Domesticated

Resident Evil Village Tall Lady

In the opening moments, we can confirm what was suspected from the first trailer; Resident Evil 7's protagonist Ethan Winters, and his ladyfriend Mia, settled down and built a family unit after the game wrapped.

In their cosy-looking homestead, we can see a baby in a crib in the background, plus Mia looks relatively less maniac and happy days?

Not completely, what's concerning is the hazy tint on the scene: is it there to signify a murky flashback? Or could Ethan be receiving hallucinations again?

Plus the dialogue reads cryptic:

Ethan: "Hey now, think positively...alright? We talked about this?"
Mia: "I know...we hardly talk about anything else."

Likely it could be them discussing futile attempts to move on from RE 7's traumatic events, or is there something odd occurring with their baby?


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