Resident Evil 8 Wishlist: 10 Things Fans Want To See

How to make RE8 the 'Resident Evil 2' of this new direction.

resident evil 8 viii

Resident Evil 7 is easily one of biggest surprises of the generation so far. Going from a game that appeared to take more than a few liberties from P.T. and Outlast, it managed to single-handedly herald in the big-budget return of survival horror.

Undoubtedly, Capcom must already be putting plans for a sequel into motion, as although Resident Evil 7 did give fans a lot of great new things - especially the first person perspective and a return to puzzle-focussed progression - a sequel could improve upon the formula even more.

Venturing through the Baker Mansion is one of the finest horror experiences available in quite some time - making RE7 one of the best games of the year so far - but being the game is such a departure from everything the franchise stood for, where does Resident Evil 8 go from here?

It's not like Capcom haven't been here before, either. The difference between the first Resident Evil and its sequel was like night and day, featuring more interesting characters, a bigger environment, more action and even greater scares. Resident Evil 8 could do the same thing for this rebooted direction, continuing on from what made the last game so great, before building on it accordingly - providing they know what to focus on, and what to ditch.


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