Resident Evil: Every Playable Character Ranked Worst To Best

Who is the greatest Resident Evil protagonist?

Resident evil 3 jill valentine

When it comes to horror video games, you don’t get much bigger than the coveted Resident Evil series.

Alongside the likes of Sweet Home and Alone In The Dark, the first Resident Evil game (which launched back in 1996) is hailed as one of the founding survival horror titles. In fact, it was Capcom who coined the phrase “survival horror” to market Resident Evil.

Over 25 years and 28 games later, Resident Evil continues to be a giant within the gaming industry. And with Village, the eighth mainline instalment in the long-running series, selling a record-breaking 4.5 million units as of July 2021, there’s no sign of this series going anywhere anytime soon.

There are numerous reasons why the series is so beloved: the nerve-shredding tension, the pulpy action, and the superb soundtrack being just some of them.

But it’s the colourful cast of fan-favourite protagonists who have continuously kept Resident Evil engaging.

Whether it's for their memorable personalities or unique gameplay mechanics, here's our ranking of every playable Resi character.

For the sake of our own sanity this list won't include characters from extra game modes or multiplayer games, so don’t expect to see Hunk or Tofu here.

27. Agent

Resident evil 3 jill valentine

Resident Evil 6 isn't typically considered to be a high point of the series. In fact, it’s frequently seen as the opposite, and the lowest of this low point is undoubtedly the character known only as Agent.

To classify Agent as a character would be an exaggeration. Afterthought would be a far more fitting description for them.

He’s the co-op partner who accompanies Ada during her campaign. But he never became a fully-fledged part of the game until an update that launched three months after the game’s release.

He has no name, no face, and can't interact with doors or chests. He isn’t even included in cutscenes. Playing as Agent is nothing more than an overly cruel punishment for those unable to play as Ada.


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