Rise Of The Tomb Raider: 10 Killer Features It Must Have

With 2013's rebooted 'Raider being one of the games of the year, where does the franchise go from there?

Everyone dreads a reboot, but this fear was misplaced when it came to 2013€™s Tomb Raider. Instead it was a resounding return to form for the franchise, receiving average scores of between 85 and 88% across all platforms at both Metacritic and GameRankings, with more than six million copies sold. Based on the quality of the first game, there are a great number of reasons to be excited about the announcement of a sequel during the presentation by Microsoft at E3. So far only a non-gameplay trailer has been shown for Rise of the Tomb Raider, which features Lara Croft in a doctor€™s office undergoing therapy while reciting her latest actions. As for the location suggested by the trailer, it appears to be either in the Canadian or Russian wilderness as opposed to the Japanese island setting of the first game. In addition, the gaps between the two games are being described in the canon comics right now - with the first issue having launched earlier this year. With open-world games being massively popular right now, could Tomb Raider go down that route or will it retain an open-level policy as seen in previous games where scenes are linked together? The style of gameplay already made it similar to games such as Assassin€™s Creed and the Arkham series of Batman games, so what could it learn from those other franchises as it seeks to develop a new one of its own? Here are ten features that must be seen in Rise of the Tomb Raider in order for it to knock its competitors out of the park€

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