Rocksteady's Superman: 9 Leaked Details You Need To Know

Superman is just the first step towards a multiplayer Justice League.

Rocksteady Superman
Warner Bros

Ever since Rocksteady shipped the finale to their Batman trilogy, Arkham Knight, back in 2015, Warner Bros. have been awfully quiet on when fans will next see an instalment into their superhero universe.

For a time, it was expected that the next game would be headed up by WB Montreal, the team behind Origins, and focus on the Suicide Squad, but that was allegedly canned. Then came rumours that they'd been moved onto a Damien Wayne Batman game to pick up where Rocksteady left off, but what the latter studio has been working on has always been shrouded in mystery.

Predictions narrowed it down to either a Superman game - after Knight teased the inclusion of the Big Blue Boy Scout by having goons talk about his actions in Metropolis, as well as featuring a building brandished with a Lex Corp logo - or a Justice League tie in, but recent reports suggest that the former is all but locked in.

Even better, a leak has allegedly revealed a whole bevy of details on the secret project, including the fact that it'll be announced way sooner than you think...


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