Rocksteady's Superman: 9 Leaked Details You Need To Know

9. Combat Integrates Flying

Superman Vs Shazam
DC Comics

Though it's aged a little bit now, Rocksteady revolutionised third-person melee combat with the original Arkham Asylum, and it looks as though they could do the same thing again with their Superman game.

The leak indicates the fighting system will be similar to that of the Arkham trilogy, while obviously incorporating Superman's vastly different array of abilities. In particular, the focus will be on integrating flying into combat, having Supes punch guys into the air or down the street and then follow it up with the momentum of a flying kick.

It should add a sense of agility and verticality to battles that Batman just doesn't have. The likes of Injustice have nailed Supes' larger-than-life fighting style, and if Rocksteady's game clamped the hero to the ground as he slugged it out with goons, it probably would have been a huge mistake.


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