Saints Row IV: 5 Reasons The August Release Date Is Great News

Saints Row IV release date The highly anticipated Saints Row IV has been announced by the franchise€™s new owners Koch Media (following the collapse of THQ), with a release date of August 20th, 2013. This has been met with some backlash from fans, stating that this is just too early to be releasing another Saints Row game. However, I disagree. I think that August is a perfectly fine time to launch the next title in the series, because€

5. It€™s Not Trying To Compete With GTA V

Grand Theft Auto V

A lot of fans and observers have suggested that Koch Media want to get Saints Row IV in stores for August because that would be a full month before the launch of the hotly anticipated Grand Theft Auto V, giving it time to sell a good amount before the world goes crazy for Rockstar€™s latest release. However, I don€™t think this is the case. As popular a franchise as Saints Row is, Grand Theft Auto is so much more, and GTA V has been anticipated since GTA IV was released. The game is predicted to break all of the sales records set by the Call of Duty games over the past few years which, considering most of those games made over $1bn each, is quite a prediction. Practically every gamer on the planet is going to buy GTA V, regardless of what other games they are a fan of. Koch Media knows this, so they know that their fans will buy Saints Row IV as well as GTA V. It€™s not like gamers are going to pick between them; EVERY gamer is getting GTA V, it€™s just a case of what else they are looking to buy to go with it.

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