Shadow Of The Colossus: Every Colossus Ranked From Worst To Best

The masterpiece, re-evaluated.

Shadow Of The Colossus
Bluepoint Games

The much-anticipated Shadow of the Colossus remake hit stores this past week, and it's hard to argue with the general critical consensus, that it's one of the best remakes in video game history. Truly, it is a gorgeous reminder of just how imaginative and artful gaming can be.

The remake has given fans the perfect excuse to fell the sixteen colossi all over again and observe how the battles have changed since the original 2005 release, or rather, how your own tastes for the fights have perhaps shifted.

Sure, most of the fan favourite fights are fantastically recreated here, but the enhanced performance of this remake makes some of the trickier battles a good deal less frustrating, as the player no longer has to wrestle with low frame-rates and dodgy camera placement.

Everyone has their favourite battles as well as those fights that made them groan on repeat playthroughs, so let's take a deep dive into Team Ico's beautiful masterpiece - lovingly refreshed by Bluepoint Games - and see how these fascinating beasts measure up over 12 years later...


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