Shadow Of The Colossus: Every Colossus Ranked From Worst To Best

16. Phaedra (Colossus #4)

Shadow Of The Colossus Phaedra
Bluepoint Games

Phaedra is best remembered as "the horse colossus", and is one of the most awkward and mildly frustrating boss fights early in the game.

The creature's design is plenty cool, but it just doesn't have much of a threatening presence, and getting it to slink down by the entrance of the ruins can be a little more cumbersome and irritating than you might hope for.

Once you've performed a disappearing trick on Phaedra, the rest of the fight is at least a cakewalk: just sneak around and climb up either its front or back, and start wailing away.

This had the potential to be a far more engaging battle than it ultimately was, forcing the player to wrestle with clumsy AI above all else.


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