Should More Classic Final Fantasy Games Be Remade? The Arguments For & Against

Just FF VII, or should the rest follow?

Square Enix

It’s now been almost two months since Square Enix unleashed Final Fantasy VII Remake upon the world after more than half a decade of buildup.

It has seemingly been a resounding success, as the game has quickly become the fastest-selling in the franchise’s history, and critical reception has been almost universally positive. Criticisms about pacing, fetch quests, corridors and changes to the story the original have attracted derision from certain aspects of the fanbase in small doses, however.

It remains to be seen how many episodes that the Remake is going to subsequently consist of given that the first only covered around 10% of the original game, or what the timeline for their release is going to be. You’d have to imagine they’ll quickly become the company’s top priority, given how the appetites of casual players and diehard fans alike have been whetted.

Though there is also the small matter of both crafting Final Fantasy XVI (and beyond) and maintaining the player base within Final Fantasy XIV.

Whatever their decisions going forward, Square-Enix will certainly be buoyed by the fact that there is still a huge potential market for their back catalogue if the immediate success of VII Remake is anything to go by. They certainly ‘could’ now create a huge revenue stream for themselves by remaking other games, but ‘should’ they do this?

Let’s assess the case.


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