Silent Hill: Every Playable Character Ranked Worst To Best

Which Silent Hill characters emerge from the fog on top?!

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When it comes to forming the Mount Rushmore of horror gaming, a tonne of notable names will likely be brought up. Franchise classics like Resident Evil and Castlevania will probably get a mention, but one universal name you will hear is Silent Hill.

The story of Silent Hill's development is an utterly inspiring one, as Konami established the group that would become Team Silent out of a set of employees who were deemed under-performers.

Together, they were requested to make a Resident Evil clone. However, without much supervision, or the company's support, they ended up with far more creative freedom than expected. Thanks to this, the wild, scary and overwhelming creative world of Silent Hill was born.

One of the most notable successes from the series were the protagonists. Each one faced off against some horrifying events, and brought something entirely new to the table. This list intends to sort them from the worst to the best by looking at their place in the franchise, personalities and general receptions.

It will only focus on the mainline playable protagonists. Therefore, phenomenal characters like Maria and Cybil will have to make do as honourable mentions here.


7. Murphy Pendleton

Heather Mason Silent Hill 3 1280x720

Murphy Pendleton had the whole world against him, not only regarding his character but also the state of the game he was in.

Downpour was a thoroughly lacklustre title, with a shockingly short runtime, giving you almost no time to get invested in the game, let alone the protagonist.

There seemed to be deliberate efforts to keep Murphy's personality ambiguous, as his violent tendencies were designed to juxtapose his mild-mannered demeanour. But this failed because it made him a black hole of a character.

It was impossible to become invested in his journey because he simply gave you very little to invest in. His distinct search for vengeance lacked any nuance, as it made him seem less like a flawed character and more a violent villain in training.

Additionally, the use of a convict in Silent Hill made sense, as the series is supposed to reflect the traumatic/guilty pasts of the protagonists and delve into what brought them to the titular town. However, with Murphy, it was simply too on the nose. His dark past, aggression, and quest for vengeance lacked likeability, which was an essential part of getting you on the playable leads' side.

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