Skyrim: 16 Best Mods Of All Time

15. Funny - Give Me Money For No Reason

skyrim frostfall

Sometimes the simplest work is the most effective, and this bit of topical humour is certainly the best at getting it's point across.

On April 24th 2015, Bethesda and Valve announced that they would be introducing paid mods into the Skyrim community. Starting with a selection of 19 downloads ranging in price from 25c to $4.99, the money would be split between Bethesda, Valve and the content creator.

Fans immediately revolted and one in particular gave us a free mod that suitably parodied the whole situation. Just at the gates of Whiterun you will find a beggar woman called Beth, who will hound you for money whenever you talk to her, despite looking pretty well off herself. Not only that you'll find her sitting on a dwemer valve, with steam coming out the back of it. Get it?

Paid mods were removed 3 days after they were implemented, but this little bit of parody makes it one of the funniest mods out there.

Runners Up:

Nicholas Cage - A mask of Nic Cage's face which randomly speaks lines from his most famous films.

Crimes Against Nature - It's a random selection of races and characters, including Obama the chair, a cat piloting a human body and a horse in the shape of Tommy Wiseau...

Explosive Chickens - You kill a chicken and it explodes. Combine with the spawning console command for epic destruction!


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