SNES Classic Mini: 20 Video Games It Must Have

Narrowing 783 games down is near impossible, but we've done it.

SNES mini classic

Another Nintendo hardware launch, the NES Classic Mini, another predictable round of shortages just before Christmas.

Hopes remain high for restocks but that hasn't stopped re-sellers cashing in for double or even treble the price of the £49.99 retail price. With the Nintendo Classic Mini: NES being so popular amongst mainstream consumers and gaming enthusiasts alike, dreamers inevitably think about what might come next.

Could we see a SNES Mini this time next year?

With almost 50 million consoles sold, the Super Nintendo Entertainment System dominated the market in the 16-bit era against stiff competition from SEGA.

Thanks to lucrative partnerships from the NES, many developers and publishers were more than willing to supply their best and brightest games for the Super Nintendo. It also gave us what were arguably many series’ best titles like Super Mario World, Super Metroid and Super Castlevania IV. Hoepfully, the same will be said for the SNES.

The NES Classic Mini has a 30-game limit with some regional variances for Japan and Europe, so choosing the essentials isn't exactly the easiest task...

20. Paperboy 2

SNES mini classic

The Paperboy games were a set of arcade classics that made their way to the NES and SNES in the 1980s and early 1990s. The mundane job of successfully delivering papers from an isometric viewpoint was surprisingly addictive; the games offering great replayability

The sequel builds on the original with better obstacles and better graphics, so that this time you're delivering papers to haunted houses, army bunkers and even split level bungalows. And during that time, the obstacles ramp up day-to-day as giant claws grab you from drains, dogs in front yards chase you, an irate neighbour rolls tyres at you and cars speed down the street narrowly missing you.

No option for multiplayer but definitely a classic of its time: the original Paperboy was strangely absent from the Nintendo Classic Mini: NES - even more reason to get #2 on the SNES!

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