Soul Calibur 6: 10 Things It Must Learn From Tekken 7

Otherwise, this tale of souls might not be eternally retold.

Soul Calibur has been in a bit of a funk for the last few games. Soul Calibur III, the first entry produced after the Bandai Namco merger, was a solid enough affair, but lacked online play and suffered from a brutal glitch that corrupted memory cards. IV redeemed the franchise somewhat, but its online modes were incredibly laggy. That, combined with overpowered guest characters and tedious unlockables, didn€™t make it popular with the fan base. Soul Calibur V then came with a robust character creation system and improved netcode to keep things stable, but was practically an online-only experience with few single player options. The "improved netcode" was a mixed blessing, as matches would run smoothly, but also still disconnect half of the time. With all that said, the Soul Calibur series has always been a sister franchise to Tekken, in fact, many of the same people work on both games. So let€™s look at ten ways Tekken 7 can help Soul Calibur €˜find it€™s edge of soul, to carry on€™ to a worthwhile sixth instalment.

10. Go Back To Basics

Sophia soul calibur
Namco Bandai Tekken has played around with some new game mechanics over the last 20 years - some of which haven€™t worked out so well, like the dynamic stage environments of Tekken 4. Trying to take a cue from Dead or Alive, stages with environmental hazards such as windows that characters can fall through were added to spice up the gameplay. Unfortunately, it didn€™t really work with Tekken€™s style of gameplay, which is somewhat slower than DoA. T4 also included a countering system that didn€™t take off well with longtime fans. How did Harada and crew deal with these problems on Tekken 5? They went back to the basics of the formula. It worked, with Tekken 5 being a huge success once again. Soul Calibur needs to go back in time to it€™s best instalment; Soul Calibur 2. SC2 was the game that perfected the winning formula developed in the first, its fast and fluid fights never relying on gimmicks imported from other franchises.

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