South Park The Stick Of Truth: 10 Hilarious Easter Eggs Only True Fans Would Notice

It's stuffed with so much offensive material that you just might miss something.

South Park: Stick of Truth has undeniably been crafted with a lot of love and respect for the brand name, including references to nearly every episode across the show's 17 year history in some fashion. For a game with quite a lot to be applauded for, the love letter feel the whole experience evokes might just be the greatest trick up Trey Parker and Matt Stone's sleeve. Admittedly, the majority of references will be blatantly obvious to anyone familiar with South Park, and considering that there are so many references - whether they're found as junk items, usable items, loading screen icons, side quests, and more - it's likely that many of them will be found and instantly recognised for a laugh. This article won't be going for the obvious references however, but rather the ones that are tricky to find, and may actually even catch the most knowledgeable of South Park fans off guard. The game may clock in at a shorter than usual RPG length, but that doesn't mean it isn't loaded with content and easily missable jokes.

Honourable Mention €“ Bedrooms

Before starting off the article properly, it has to be said that the bedrooms of every child in every house should be thoroughly examined for some of the most obvious and instantly gratifying references. Examine their closets specifically for a first-person view of everything they have stored, which ranges from Cartman's Awesome-O disguise to Kenny's Mysterion outfit, and much, much more. The only reason this stuff doesn't make the list is simply because it's fairly obvious to find, but worthy of a shout-out nonetheless. Trey Parker and Matt Stone truly crammed in as much as possible into each character's room in a way that actually feels like a time capsule, depicting the growth of the boys over the years.

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