Spider-Man 2 - 10 Essential Fan Demands It Must Include

10. Interiors That Aren't Just Warehouses

marvel's spider-man ps4 trip mine on enemy
Sony Interactive Entertainment

Look, we get it - shady stuff goes down in warehouses. It's both a cliche and a reality of the criminal underworld (at least if fiction has taught us anything), and so it was unsurprising to see most of the optional hideouts in Spider-Man PS4 be in the various warehouses of NYC.

However, just because that is the case doesn't mean it has to be next time.

Back during the first trailer for Spider-Man, Insomniac showcased Peter jumping through a street cafe in what looks to be some sort of chase sequences. Granted there are technical limitations, but would it not be great to see more active interiors in the open world?

Make it so that Spidey can swing through the occasional building, or even go down into the sewers for some Lizard-based mission. Either way, just make sure the next game has more compelling interiors than the previous one.

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