Spider-Man: Miles Morales - 10 Major Characters Who Must Appear

These characters should all be on the prowl in PS5's first Spider-Man game.


While it was an absolute given that Insomniac Games was working hard behind closed doors on a sequel to Marvel's Spider-Man on PS4, it came somewhat out of left field when they announced what is classed as an 'expansion' and 'an enhancement' to the original game: Spider-Man: Miles Morales.

Think of this game as being what Uncharted: Lost Legacy was to the series; an expansion of sorts, slightly shorter than the main titles, starring different characters. It's incredibly likely this is just a game to bridge the gap between the inevitable Spider-Man 2 sequel, which will put Peter Parker back in the web-slinger's shoes.

As anyone who played the first title knows, Miles Morales, who eventually takes over the moniker of Spider-Man from Peter, was introduced during the story.


At the end of the game, Miles is bitten by an Oscorp genetically-engineered spider, giving him superhuman abilities like Peter. Miles visits Peter and reveals this to him, and Peter reveals his identity as Spider-Man.

In the City That Never Sleeps DLC, Miles is asking for training from Peter, and in the post-credits of Silver Lining, Peter teaches Miles how to web swing.

With Miles now taking up the Spider-Man name, albeit potentially briefly for this title, it brings about exciting prospects for both new and returning characters to be brought into the mix...


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