Spider-Man: Miles Morales - 10 Things It MUST Include

From costumes to combat, what must Insomniac add to take their new Spidey game to the next level?

Spider-Man: Miles Morales Open World

Call it a sequel, expansion, spin-off, or whatever else, Insomniac's upcoming Spider-Man: Miles Morales looks amazing, sensational, spectacular, and whatever other kind of adjective has been slapped on the cover of a Spider-Man comic before. The game releases holiday 2020, and while it may not demonstrate the full power of the PS5, it still does the business visually.

Insomniac announced the game last Thursday with a trailer that didn't actually give that much away. There are a few definites - such as the game's marvellous winter setting - but apart from that not much is really known.

That isn't a bad thing of course. The more surprises Insomniac can keep in store for players to unwrap as an early Christmas treat, the better. But it does make speculating on what could and what probably isn't going to appear slightly more difficult; wish-lists like the following have got a wide surface-area to aim for.

All that said, there are certain things that I'd love to see Insomniac include in their next Spidey title, whether it be certain gameplay features, characters or callbacks to the Ultimate Spider-Man comics Miles made his debut in.

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