Spider-Man PS4: Ranking Every Character From Worst To Best

1. Peter Parker/Spider-Man

Spider-Man PS4 Insomniac
Insomniac Games

It just had to be Spider-Man.

You spend the entire game in the suit, becoming Peter Parker and mastering the mechanics, laughing along with Peter and feeling every roller-coaster emotion along the way.

Insomniac absolutely nailed Spidey, making his quips feel organic, rooted in his past interactions with his villains and his allies, and they bring such incredible depth to their take on the hero. Without Spider-Man being perfect, this game could have easily been a disappointment.

But that is so far from what we got. This Spider-Man seems to swing right off of the pages of the comic book, but with a brand new backstory. This Spidey has been fighting crime for eight years now, and - as is the case with a lot of thing about Insomniac's game - it's often the unspoken history that keeps players invested.

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