Spider-Man PS4 Review: 6 Ups & 1 Down

Amazing, spectacular, sensational - did you expect anything less?

Spider Man Ps4

After two years of teases, trailers and gameplay previews, Insomniac's Spider-Man game is finally here. It's really, really good - spectacular even - and though it isn't without its flaws, just as Batman: Arkham Asylum proved to be a momentous event in the superhero calendar nine years ago, so too has Spider-Man proven to be equally significant.

Everything about it is just this pure, wonderful, affecting love letter to everyone’s favourite friendly neighbourhood wall-crawler, and though it does have a few shortcomings, my lasting impression of Insomniac’s game is unequivocally positive. Every thwip, swing and moment is to be savoured, and for fans of Marvel Comics and Spider-Man specifically, this'll likely prove to be one of the generation's defining titles, providing Marvel with a reply to DC's pointy-eared gaming giant at just the right time.

It's impossible to talk about Insomniac's game without mentioning Arkham, but that need not be a hindrance. There are plenty of similarities between the two games, and as Insomniac's Spider-Man looks set to become just as iconic as Rocksteady's Dark Knight, it's clear that the House of Ideas' most relatable hero could yet provide a defining image of Sony's latest console - not just as one of the true greats of the superhero genre, but of the gaming medium too.

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