Spider-Man PS4 Review: 6 Ups & 1 Down


6. Insomniac's Take On Spider-Man & His World

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By far the most striking thing about Insomniac’s depiction of Spider-Man is, and has been for the last few years now, the new suit. Say what you will about the white Spider, but one thing that cannot be denied is that the suit's innovative, exciting and ultimately refreshing. More importantly, it encapsulates the studio’s approach to the Marvel Universe, providing an image of the web-slinger that feels fresh, but also familiar.

In the vein of Arkham, Insomniac have taken into account dozens of different interpretations of the Spidey mythos to create their own version, lending it an appeal that’s sure to resonate with every True Believer, whether they’ve been reading comics for decades, or just happened to be raised on the nineties cartoon with the Aerosmith theme. This appeal is central to the game, as it taps into the very core of what made Stan Lee and Steve Ditko's original comic so compelling to begin with, while providing a modern update much the same way Brian Bendis and Mark Bagley did in Ultimate Spider-Man.

And - like that comic - Insomniac's take on the wall-crawler has proven to be equally restorative. It effortlessly integrates decades' worth of the character's history all into one, taking into account everything from the Sinister Six all the way through to the introduction of Miles Morales to create a mythos with lasting appeal.

The potential for something bigger is there for all to see, and with a sequel nigh-on guaranteed, it's clear the studio have developed something special.

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