Star Trek: 10 Video Games That Would Be Better In A Holodeck

star trek holodeck From Pong to Skyrim, video games have come a long way. We've spent countless hours pumping quarters into arcade cabinets, fast tapping Nintendo controllers until our fingers hurt and getting lost in worlds created by amazingly talented programmers. It's incredible to think on how far games have progressed over the decades. We've seen the evolution of games from a simple paddle and ball, to sprites to motion capture and more. With every advance in technology we find ourselves saying "Wow, that's almost like the real thing!" Yet with every generation we look back on the dated graphics, sounds and game-play of the previous and think "Wow, I can't believe how bad that looks now." We're currently in what many consider to be a Golden Age of gaming. We can get lost in brilliantly realized worlds and stories like Skyrim and The Last of Us. We have heart wrenching storytelling classics like Hard Rain and The Walking Dead. Games right now are flat out great. What if they could be better? What if we could take some of these great games, fast forward to Stardate 44390.1 and play them on the holodeck of the Enterprise? How much better would they be? In that spirit we've put together a list of the 10 Video Games That Would Be Better In A Holodeck. Sure, every video game would benefit from the holodeck treatment but we had to pick ten. Everyone will have their own list, but this one is ours.
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