Star Wars Battlefront: 11 Reasons It's A Big Disappointment

Ripped off, you were...

It feels like we've been waiting forever, but Star Wars: Battlefront is finally here, and the consensus from reviews is that it's a solid shooter, but no masterpiece. The game has been a major source of both excitement and controversy ever since it was first announced, as many hoped for a return to the classic Battlefront formula, while others suspected it would be a significantly "dumbed down" experience rife with invasive DLC and micro-transactions. Well, Battlefront is finally here, and it's certainly an enjoyable game, but it's hard to deny that it was absolutely capable of so much more. The game falls down in a number of key areas so unnecessarily, either because Battlefield developers DICE opted for some strange gameplay mechanics, material has been left out for obvious DLC double-dipping later on, or corners have been cut to rush the game out a month ahead of The Force Awakens. It delivers the basic goods and the visuals are undeniably gorgeous, but it could also be so, so much more (and it just might be...if you're prepared to stump up the DLC bucks)...

11. Not Enough Maps

One of the key problems with Battlefront is that while, yes, the gunplay is certainly enjoyable, there's just not enough map diversity to sustain its replay value. There are just 12 maps in the base game, 4 of which are exclusive to Walker Assault, another 4 for Supremacy, and then the remaining 4 are simply left for the 7 other gameplay modes. Though Walker Assault truly is the gem in the game's crown, it's disappointing that you can cycle through the entire map count in little over an hour, whereas 8 or preferably 12 maps would make the package feel decidedly more worth the money. Though it's obvious why EA and DICE have done this (something we'll expand on in a moment), they risk derailing their community before it even builds up: without sufficient replayability, fans might get their fix for a few weeks, put Battlefront to the wayside and then move on with other games. Splitting the maps across just four planets also feels like a mistake: yes, Hoth and Endor are fantastic in particular, but there needs to be more variety out of the box.

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