Star Wars: Battlefront Rogue One - 10 Ways To Nail The Scarif DLC

It takes more than just a sprinkling of nostalgia to make a season pass worthwhile.


Star Wars: Battlefront's very first anniversary is almost near, and DICE seem to have found a fairly apt way of celebrating. How? By releasing a Rogue One-themed piece of DLC, of course.

Battlefront's post-release content strategy managed to offend pretty much everyone, their aunt and uncle when it was first unveiled last year, and while the packs released thus far have yet to alleviate the criticisms levelled at DICE's first foray into the Star Wars mythos (sparsity of content still abounds regularly), they're a far cry away from the disaster fans thought they would be.

A year on from its release, Battlefront remains a rich and vibrant FPS that still manages to entertain on a very basic level. It's starfighters and lightsabers, what more could you want?

There's every chance that Battlefront's final batch of content could fully realise its promise of a truly immersive and riveting Star Wars experience. Irrespective of your view on season passes, DLC, and all that other malarkey, you have to admit you're just a teeny bit excited to see how Battlefront bows out, right?

Will it be with a Death Star-esque bang? Or will this last salvo deflect off the surface in true anticlimactic fashion?

Either way, this last batch of content simply can't fail to impress... provided it's done right.

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