Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order - 10 Gameplay Details The Trailers Haven't Shown You

8. A "Comeback Mechanic"

Star wars jedi fallen order

A somewhat odd inclusion to the combat is a comeback mechanic, and we haven't seen it being talked about much.

When Cal is killed in combat, the player can choose to return to that location and take revenge. Doing so will give the player their lost XP back as well as a boost to their health and Force meters. This was apparently done to encourage players who go about combat the same way, and get them to try something new.

This confirms that the player loses XP upon death, as well as showing how explorable the worlds are. It seems like different areas of the planets will have more difficult enemies, with the player being given the choice to take them on early and reap the rewards.

This also seems to indicate some sort of respawning mechanic for enemies as well, likely caused when Cal meditates.

If this all sounds a bit familiar that's because it is. Speaking of which...


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