Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order - 10 MAJOR Questions We Still Need Answering

10. Can We Upgrade Our Lightsaber?


The only correct answer to this question is yes, frankly. A Star Wars game with an upgrade system that doesn't let you mod and upgrade your lightsaber is not a Star Wars game worth anyone's time.

And it's not like they don't have precedent for doing this in recent memory. Beyond Force Unleashed letting you switch out your lightsaber crystals (which had BETTER be in this game), Star Wars: The Old Republic lets you mod certain lightsabers to increase their effectiveness in case you don't like swapping them out every five seconds.

But frankly, we can and should go even further with this. Instead of swapping out one lightsaber for another, there could be a system where you can add new visual flairs and touches to your lightsaber.

These could be purely cosmetic, or they could add a new effect/upgrade to your lightsaber's capabilities. Whether you want a curved hilt like Count Dooku's, or the vented model seen with Kylo Ren, there are very few wrong answers when considering this idea.

In fact, there's only one wrong answer: not doing it at all.


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