Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order 2 - 10 Things The Sequel MUST Include

10. More Force Powers


One of the coolest additions to the lore of the force in this game was the ability to use the force to slow down opponents and objects. This was a fantastic way to introduce creative puzzles and strategies for approaching combat. But we can definitely go further with it.

Now that The Last Jedi has reminded everyone that the force is MAGIC and thus has literally no rules, Fallen Order 2 should treat that like what it is: opened up flood gates to do whatever they please.

From introducing new force powers, like maybe throwing around fireballs or something, to bringing back old EU force powers like Battle Meditation from the KOTOR games, or the weird force powers shown in the Overlords arc of Clone Wars, there are tons of directions you can go in with this.

The force only has as much rules as we say it does, so there's no reason to limit yourself when writing a story all about the jedi and the force. The next game should take advantage of this.


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