Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order 2 - 10 Things The Sequel MUST Include

9. Deeper Lightsaber Combos

Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order Nightsister Merrin

While being a souls-like, the main difference in combat between Fallen Order and Dark Souls is the fact that you can chain together multiple attacks into combos, separated between normal attacks and heavier attacks that use up force energy.

While what we got worked just fine, this gives us the opportunity to go even deeper. Everyone who's played this game has had that moment where you manage to stun/parry/slow down an opponent, but you just can't string together the amount of attacks needed to really take advantage of the generous length of time that they are stunned. It's not like Dark Souls where attacking them while stunned is one super critical strike, so it would definitely be nice if we had more combo upgrades.

While you ARE given combos as upgrades throughout the game, they don't really flow into each other unless you're a bonafide master at the game. A good sequel needs force and lightsaber combos that stack on top of one another and that you can go into one after the next.


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