Super Mario Odyssey- 10 Ways It Beats Breath Of The Wild

9. New Locations


Don't get me wrong; Hyrule is absolutely amazing in Breath of the Wild. Despite that, the worlds in Super Mario Odyssey are some of the best to explore in the whole franchise.

The worlds that have debuted in Super Mario Odyssey are actually some of the most creative and entertaining in the whole of the franchises' history. New Donk City and Tostarena in particular feel perfectly at home in the Mario universe because of how fleshed out and fun to explore they are.

Hyrule is certainly one of the best aspects to Breath of the Wild, but because it's based mostly on locations already seen in the Zelda universe, there aren't any huge surprises in store in regards to new locations. Breath of the Wild instead decides to expand and flesh out the world of Hyrule rather than expanding upon the universe.

That can definitely be considered a positive of Breath of the Wild, but in the end Super Mario Odyssey's new locations actually expand upon the Mario universe.


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