Super Mario Odyssey Reviews: 10 Critical Reactions You Need To Know

10. Cappy Is Incredible

super mario odyssey
"That possession power, embodied by Mario’s new sidekick/headwear Cappy, is Odyssey’s big new idea...Many of the cleverest and most smile-inducing possessions are best left to be discovered for yourself, but whether it was thrashing about as a huge, realistic-looking T-rex in the prehistoric-themed Cascade Kingdom or becoming a lowly Goomba but then making a stack of Goombas 10-tall to win over a hard-to-impress Lady Goomba, Odyssey mixes up the gameplay in surprising ways in each of its 16-plus worlds." - IGN
"There's a wonderful range of possibilities here...Switching characters' abilities to solve puzzles and challenges is hardly an innovation in platform games, but I don't think it has ever been done with this breadth of imagination and playful wit." - Eurogamer
"The opportunities introduced by possessing others isn't just an easy source of laughs, but also works hand in hand with Odyssey's ever-present challenges...There's usually always something in sight that you can possess and some way to exploit its traits...Odyssey doesn't want you to just work for your moons, but enjoy the process from the get-go." - Gamespot

Odyssey's marketing push has largely revolved around the series' most prominent new feature, Cappy, Mario's sentient hat which can be used to possess enemies and objects around the various kingdoms, not to mention attack foes and traverse platforms.

Needless to say, Cappy has received praise across-the-board as an innovative new mechanic which adds a hugely unique flavour to the more conventional platforming elements.

Seeking out every possible thing Cappy can take control of is a huge joy, as is figuring out exactly how frequently he can get players out of a platforming bind. If he's missing from the next game, people are going to be mad.


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