Super Smash Bros Ultimate: 6 Details You Need To Know

Are you ready to join the battle?


Unless you've been living under a rock, you should know that Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is gearing up for a December release on the Nintendo Switch.

Though the console hasn't had any shortage of killer apps since its launch, Ultimate still comes at a crucial time for Nintendo's new machine. With Christmas just around the corner, the release of Smash could help boost Switch sales massively, and put confidence in players praying that the company doesn't run out of steam with must-have releases like they did with the Wii U.

Likewise, there's a good chance that Ultimate could overtake its previous competition and become the best game in the entire series. Hell, if the end product is anything close to the trailers, it could also become a late contender for game of the year overall.

While it might look like "just another Smash", there's plenty that's been changed to try and make Ultimate, well, the ultimate entry in the franchise, and consequently there are a few details you need to know before December rolls around.


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