Super Smash Bros. Ultimate DLC: 8 Rumoured Characters You Need To Know About

Nintendo's all-star brawler is about to get even bigger.


Six. That's the number of vacant character slots set aside to accommodate future DLC additions for Smash Ultimate's already impressive roster, but who (or what) is going to fill them?

With such limited space to work with, Bandai Namco and Sakurai-san's plans undoubtedly involve rounding out Ultimate's post-launch cast with familiar faces recognisable to the masses, but with so many fan requests and wish lists to account for, attempting to please everyone is a fool's errand.

Two of those six lucrative spots have already been claimed by Piranha Plant and Persona 5's Joker, meaning there are just four golden tickets left to be distributed, but there's been no shortage of conjecture as to who'll be the lucky recipients.

Like clockwork, rumours have begun flying around the internet with abandon, some outlandish, others believable. As always, rumours, no matter their believability, should be pre-seasoned with a fat-fingered pinch of salt before consumption, but some of these hopefuls have compelling evidence to support their inclusion - not least those with precedence and popularity on their side.

By the time this year's E3 rolls around, the validity (or lack of) the rumours will be obvious, but until then, keep those dreams alive. They do come true.



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