Super Smash Bros. Ultimate DLC: 8 Rumoured Characters You Need To Know About

4. Rayman


Is 2019 finally the year that Smash welcomes its first bonafide Ubisoft representative? Prince of Persia, Sam Fisher, Altair and Ezio: at one time or another, nearly every character associated with the French mega-publisher has been rumoured to appear in Smash Bros. but there's one other missing from that quickfire list that has more chance than most of making the cut.

As far as guest characters go, Nintendo seems to prefer including well-established characters that have several years, if not decades under their belt. Rayman, as Ubisoft's original mascot, fits the bill perfectly, has an aesthetic that fits Smash to a T and already makes an appearance in Ultimate as a Spirit. Does that sully any chance of the limbless hero graduating from cameo to fully playable status? Who knows, but he's made a habit of popping up repeatedly on leak lists, most notably on the same one to mention Dragon Quest's Erdrick.

Nintendo and Ubisoft already have a history of collaboration, most recently with the surprisingly good Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle, so it's not an outlandish prospect by any stretch of the imagination.


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