Tekken 7: 10 Characters That Must Return

Guys... where the hell is Nina Williams?!

Tekken has come a long way over the years. We can all remember when it was a blocky mess with slow, cumbersome controls and a roster of 18 on the PlayStation (the arcade release only had eight playable fighters). As the series has gone on though, we€™ve seen cyborgs, devils, boxing raptors and kangaroos find their way into the mix. The story has also become far more detailed. Going from a simple tale of corporate intrigue and a son looking for vengeance against his father, to a pseudo sci-fi magnum opus with a main character essentially kickstarting World War III. The game's mechanics have drastically advanced over time too. The first had a clunky movement system, and while fun for it€™s time, hasn't aged anywhere near as well as you might have thought. Tekken 2 made slight improvements, but the franchise really became a top contender among gamers with Tekken 3. The movement was much smoother, the controls worked far better and the cast was gigantic. Since then, the series has steadily improved on every aspect, culminating in the superb Tekken Tag Tournament 2. Tekken 7 has began beta testing in arcades, and looks to be one of the best entries yet. Though the line-up is great so far, there are 10 characters who simply must appear to really make this the best entry yet!


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