Tekken 7: 10 Characters That Must Return

9. Anna Williams

Anna Williams is the primary antagonist for Nina Williams. A skilled assassin; Anna blames Nina for the death of their father, and has vowed to kill Nina. From planting car bombs, to entering cryogenic stasis like her sister, Anna essentially is the €œTom€ to Nina€™s €œJerry€. Anna herself has become a sort of staple character for the franchise. She€™s been with the series since the first game€™s PSX release. She€™s also appeared in almost every numbed entry into the franchise except for inexplicable absence from Tekken 4. In fact, she€™s prominent enough to be included in the myriad of spinoffs and media adaptations that the franchise has accumulated. With all of that said, it would be a shame that Anna be absent from the much anticipated seventh entry. On one hand, it does seem like she€™s a character who only serves to antagonize her sister Nina. Yet, she has definitely earned a spot as an €œevergreen€ character. She€™s a fan favorite due to her distinctive appearance, along with the fact that she is the only other female character besides Nina to have debuted before Tekken 3 that is still playable in the main games. She should make an appearance, if for no other reason than it just seems like a tradition to include her.

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