Tekken: Every Game Ranked From Worst To Best

Get ready for the next battle...

Tekken Video Games

Not many franchises have truly stood the test of time quite like Tekken. First releasing in 1994, it quickly became synonymous with Sony's meteorically popular PlayStation, remaining a cultural touchstone to this day.

With Tekken 7, Namco have fully embraced the more technical side of the fighting genre, encouraging you to study how many frames of animation a move takes up, zooming in if two characters go for the killing blow at the same time, and including various abilities to absorb or deal huge amounts of damage.

These aspects have slowly been creeping into past entries too, though the reason Tekken tends to wear the fighting game genre's crown comes from accessibility. From its enjoyably arcadey gameplay to a characterful roster that encourages both immediate selection and slow-burn mastery, Namco have walked a fine line between targeting hardcore and casual demographics like no other.

Now that we've seen the first main franchise instalment in 10 years, Tekken is very much back in the mainstream. And that's a damn good thing, because for better or worse, everybody has always had an opinion on which is the best...

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