Terminator Resistance Review

Doesn't look like anyone will be back after this.

Terminator Resistance Terminator
Reef Entertainment

Rating: ★★☆☆☆

Platform: PS4

The year is 2019, and in this timeline, the video game industry put a stop to licensed games pretty much all together. Still, they say the future is never truly set, so in a rare occurrence, there is a new Terminator game.

Terminator Resistance really does feel like it’s from another time, but not the future like so many T-100s or the odd T-1000, oh no. This game feels as if it escaped the mid-2000s, back when C-tier movie tie-in games ruled the earth.

You just have to see this in action to tell it was just churned out to hit roughly around the same time as Terminator: Dark Fate, but as that movie bombed at the box office, Resistance stands little chance in today’s market. It doesn’t even have Arnie in it.

That is what is fascinating about this title, though. As most licensed games for the longest time are relegated to the free-to-play mobile market, Reef Entertainment has published Resistance at almost a full retail price.

They clearly love the fiction and there are glimpses of a worthwhile adventure here, but - and spoilers for the review ahead - it simply isn’t worth it.



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