Terminator Resistance Review

Terminator Resistance Sex Scene
Reef Entertainment

Now, by saying this game feels as if it is out of time, that is actually due to more than a few major flaws. Starting with the graphics though, these straight-up look as if they were pulled from the early Xbox 360/PS3 era of gaming.

The textures are either so low res at times that you can’t tell what you are looking at, or models in the environment and faces feel half-finished. This game runs on Unreal Engine 4 by the way, the same engine that Jedi Fallen Order runs on - you wouldn’t think that for a moment.

At times the faces of Jennifer and Ryan look so awful that it is as if the graphical settings were switched down to potato mode, this because especially egregious with Jennifer down the line.

Lifeless halfbaked character models might be one thing, but Terminator Resistance doesn’t just stop at deadpan conversations oh no, the player will have the chance to engage in terribly awkward first-person sex scenes, with two different female characters no less. Honestly, this looks as if someone has strapped a Go Pro to their head and decided they want to get it on with a plastic inflatable doll.

Nothing about these scenes are endearing or sexy and they hardly drive the plot forward- who is this even for?

However, the Terminators, for the most part, look like they are from another game. Now, this might be because they have been scanned in, but either way, they look as menacing as ever.



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