The Division: 10 Ways You’re Playing It Wrong

With the free updates starting to arrive, make sure you're not getting left behind...

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On March 8th, Tom Clancy's The Division arrived in one of gaming's biggest new IP launches in ages. It was Ubisoft's biggest project for years and - following a number of delays - people were starting to turn a little sour on the prospect even before they got hold of it.

Fortunately the consensus since release seems to be that the game is good, or at least good enough to keep people going back for more and more. That's just as well, then, given that Ubisoft have planned a large number of free and premium content additions to run over the next few months.

The first of those additions has arrived already, with The Division's Incursions update bringing high level end-game content to the game earlier this month. The first Incursion is a truly testing set of objectives, and co-operative play is a must if success is to be achieved.

If you're jumping into a team to take on the challenge, or even if you're still just working your way through the main game at a more leisurely pace, then the last thing you want to do is find yourself getting left behind by other players. To help you out, we've prepared a handy list of ten ways you could be playing the game wrong. Think of it as what my old football coach used to call 'constructive criticism', but promise me you won't take it as a scathing indictment of your shocking lack of ability.

Agreed? Good: now let's go...

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