The Elder Scrolls: 10 Best Morrowind Quests

2002's masterpiece still has a ton to offer.

Elder Scrolls Morrowind

Ever since the old days of Arena and Daggerfall on PCs, the Elder Scrolls saga has been a huge success, and is now one of the most recognisable series' in gaming.

The third instalment - Morrowind - shook up the established formula and introduced bold new ideas and mechanics which would become standard for Oblivion and, of course, Skyrim.

The true test of any fantasy RPG, however, is the quality of its quests.

As many games have shown in recent years, whether you're playing as a Nord, an Argonian, a Redguard or a Khajiit, a vast, open world is wasted if there is nothing to do within it.

Thankfully, Morrowind does not fall into this trap - if anything it's the complete opposite.

Feel free to wander the wilderness at your leisure, but with guilds to join, bounties to collect, assassinations to carry out, and myriad dungeons to explore, Morrowind has a huge variety of missions and quests for the player to undertake.

"But what to do first?", I hear you ask..

"Which quests should I avoid, and which should I dive right into?"

Well I'm glad you asked, as here's a list of the ten BEST quests in The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind.

10. Thelas' Pillows

Elder Scrolls Morrowind

Sometimes, the measure of a quest is not the time it takes to complete, nor the number of enemies slain along the way; some quests are judged by the loot they reward you with.

Take Thelas' Pillows, for example.

Whilst out on Fighters Guild business to kill a bunch of pesky rats which have taken up residence in Drarayne Thelas' house, it's hard to miss the fact that she's surrounded by a massive hoard of pillows.

An odd sight, indeed, and not something you would expect in an Elder Scrolls game.

The quest objective tied to this comfy curiosity sees the player travel to the other side of Vvardenfell to locate a shipwreck, seemingly abandoned and all but forgotten by the denizens of this region.

Once inside the derelict vessel, you discover an invoice for 40 pillows addressed to - yep, you guessed it - Thelas.

40 more, Thelas? She LOVES pillows.

Returning to Thelas and handing her the invoice, she shows her gratitude by giving you a reward: one of her pillows.

Does it increase your health, give you an edge in battle, prevent you from becoming fatigued?


It changes the waking from sleep message to "Your sleep is very restful on your Extra-Comfy Pillow".

Who wouldn't want that?


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