The Elder Scrolls 6: 9 Fan Theories That Must Come True

Is it finally time for the Akaviri to return?

The Elder Scrolls 6 Hammerfell

After years spent not-so-patiently waiting for Bethesda to finally announce the inevitable follow up to Skyrim, the studio spectacularly revealed The Elder Scrolls VI at E3. The move itself was unprecedented, as while a sequel was a surefire bet, the team have mostly been cagey about the state of their franchises, towing the line that fans wouldn't see the next instalment for a long time yet.

And even though they've now officially announced it, that sentiment still seems to ring true. Players know it's real, but outside of a vague teaser trailer, virtually nothing else is known about the upcoming game. Of course, that hasn't stopped fans from mining what little information they do have, as well as links to past games and Bethesda's statements themselves, to figure out just what shape TES VI could be taking.

With so long spent between sequels (lets not forget Bethesda have to finish and release two major titles until they get around to Elder Scrolls), the developers need to return with a bang, an outcome which could easily happen if any of these fan theories end up coming true.


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