The Elder Scrolls VI: 10 Huge Rumours You Need To Know

Did you hear Dragon Quest's popularity once shut down Japan? Well, Skyrim II's coming.

Elder Scrolls VI Argonia

Bethesda are the ones to watch this year - not only do they hold the keys to the hovercar when it comes to generating excitement around the mere mention of Fallout 4, but it's about time something relating to a new proper Elder Scrolls game was revealed in an official capacity.

No, Elder Scrolls Online doesn't count, as thanks to a litany of bugs and day-one server issues - alongside some fairly shoddy combat and a general lack of polish - last year's entry in the mythos has been all but forgotten about. Thankfully the slack is currently being picked up by Bethesda themselves, who are badgering away putting the next instalment of the franchise together.

Oblivion released in 2006 and Skyrim 2011, so applying the five year development cycle spits out a release date for nextyear, although that may or may not come to fruition due to a number of reasons. At the end of the day Fallout 3 was the studio's first attempt at someone else's property - it was Black Isle Studios that first conceived that universe - Elder Scrolls has always been Bethesda's most associative and championed series.

Always one to bide their time and ensure things are as best they can be - bar the occasional backwards-flying dragon of course - it's no surprise they're playing their cards close to their chest. In saying that though, with so many hundreds of fans baying for rumour-tinged blood, there's still a huge amount of awesome rumours that deserve discussing when it comes to what might get a release later in 2015.

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