The Elder Scrolls VI: 10 Perfect Locations Fans Haven't Considered

An eastern-themed Akavir? Hells.YES.

The elder scrolls VI

Bethesda€™s Elder Scrolls titles have pretty much always set the bar for sandbox games, both in terms of gameplay and especially in terms of environments. Nobody will ever forget that moment in Oblivion where you emerge from the sewers, blinking in the unfamiliar light, and staring in wonder at the vast, rich landscape around you.

By the same token, however, the settings for the Elder Scrolls titles need to be huge, open worlds, full of explorable dungeons, random encounters with wildlife, sprawling settlements and gorgeous scenery that really make the games feel alive.

Rumours are flying around that the next setting will be Argonia and the Black Marshes; one of the few uncharted regions of Tamriel. While that seems like in interesting proposition, given how little screen-time the Argonians tend to get, here are some other suitable alternatives for Elder Scrolls VI€™s location that maybe aren€™t quite so obvious...

10. The Summerset Isles

Summerset Isles Elder scrolls

The Summerset Isles are home to the Altmer, or High Elves, and are another of Tamriel€™s lesser explored provinces (although we did see a bit of them in Elder Scrolls Online), which by itself makes them an enticing location to set the next game. Because it€™s the homeland of the Altmer - probably the most xenophobic and egotistical of the races - it would be cool to get a proper look at the inner workings of their civilisation to see what makes them tick. The Isles are also the location of the Thalmor uprising, and we all know how well that turned out...

There€™s potential for this to come into more than just lore though €“ certain quests could be closed off, should you be playing as a certain race (like the Dark elves), purely because the Altmeri questgivers look down on that race as inferior. Admittedly, Bethesda would need to compensate for those races in other areas, or have the quest solvable through different means €“ but it€™s a cool idea, and might even be a solid way to comment on real life issues as well, as much as you can in a fantasy land of magic and dragons, anyway.

At the very least, the oldest and original culture in Tamriel is definitely worthy of having a title set in its homeland, and given its association with the most magical of the races, maybe mages would finally get the buffs they so desperately need.


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