The Elder Scrolls VI: 10 Things Bethesda Can't Afford To Get Wrong

It could be the best game ever, providing it heeds these warnings.

There have been countless speculations about Elder Scrolls VI, ranging from the game€™s setting to the story and everything in between. After the monumental success and popularity of Skyrim, it shouldn€™t come as any surprise that fans are pretty excited for the next instalment. But, maybe that excitement is misplaced. After all, Fallout 4 disappointed a lot of people (myself included) with its shallow dialogue system, unimaginative story, a terrible user interface and crafting mechanics that overshadowed everything else in the game. With that said, it€™s not like the Elder Scrolls series itself is infallible. After all, let€™s not forget the momentous disaster that was the Elder Scrolls Online, and even Skyrim was riddled with problems, from glitches and bugs to a generic, uninteresting main quest line. Even the most diehard fan would have great difficulty denying that the cracks in Bethesda€™s otherwise perfect suit of armour are beginning to show. If the company want to continue winning over fans, they're certainly going to have to make some changes. If not, the Elder Scrolls VI might just represent the final nail in the coffin; undeniable proof that the developer's formula for success has finally worn thin.

10. A Comprehensive Dialogue System

More so than Fallout 4, the Elder Scrolls series is heavily reliant on its immersive elements. There aren€™t quite so many moral choices, but the intricacies of the universe tend to be communicated to the player through interactions with NPCs. In fact, engaging with the other characters and learning about the universe is one of the principle draws of the series. So, let€™s not ruin that by implementing a terrible dialogue system that doesn€™t allow for depth or complexity; the kind of thing that replaces specific responses with singular words that vaguely describe your player€™s response, like €œSarcastic€. This was one of people€™s biggest gripes with Fallout 4, and it could absolute ruin a game like Elder Scrolls VI. So, let€™s please avoid it.

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