The Elder Scrolls VI: 10 Things Bethesda Must Include

Far, FAR bigger than just fixing bugs and glitches.

The Elder Scrolls VI

We're now two years on from Fallout 4, and thanks to a ton of job postings on their umbrella company Zenimax's website, we know Bethesda are finally making a noticeable push to hire more staff - most likely for the mammoth task that is The Elder Scrolls VI.

Very little has been mentoned of TES VI since Skyrim's release back in 2011, with Bethesda's own Todd Howard literally saying in June 2016, that it would be "a very long way off".

However, that statement came whilst the team were still working through Fallout 4's myriad of DLC packs, and now we have the 'Game of the Year Edition' putting a bow on everything Commonwealth-related, it's time for Tamriel to step up to bat.

Now, if you're Bethesda, just where the hell do you start?

Morrowind released in 2002, with Oblivion being 2006 and Skyrim 2011, but what's noticeable is that with the advancement of technology and the consumer demand for better rendered and more detailed worlds on a purely visual level, just building a new environment from the ground up is a mammoth task.

That said, Elder Scrolls fans are some of the most diehard in all of gaming, and we'll be watching TES VI's development like a hawk.


Honourable Mention - A New Game Engine

Skyrim Bear

It goes without saying that Fallout 4 was the last time Bethesda could reuse a very similar-feeling engine to that of Skyrim and the past TES titles.

There are just too many inconsistencies, bugs, glitches and broken animations for it to keep being used in a triple-A product, developed by one of the best developers on the planet.

We know they have the money, we know they have the time, so get to it.

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