The Elder Scrolls VI Wishlist: 10 Essential Things Fans Demand

Just imagine Fallout 4's level of polish in Tamriel.

Depending on if you're a sci-fi or fantasy guy, it'll determine whether Fallout or Elder Scrolls is your Bethesda game of choice. Although the former is an incredibly expansive and rewarding experience for gamers, regardless of their tastes, there's just something that little bit more special - that little bit more magical - about journeying through a world as gorgeous as Tamriel. Earlier in 2015 we got eyes on The Witcher 3; a suitably ginormous generation-defining RPG packed to the rafters with mini-games, morally grey quest lines and some of the best characters ever put to code. It's became the first game to get talked about with the same love and respect as Skyrim, and although CD Projekt RED's Eastern horror-tinged masterpiece is quite the unique beast, such furore has whipped fans up into a stupor trying to predict what the next Elder Scrolls will turn out like. As far as Bethesda are concerned, right now they're putting their all into promoting Fallout 4 like the long-awaited landmark release it was always meant to be - but TES VI is most definitely under way in some form. That means they'll be listening to all sorts of theories, feedback and online discussion as fans get their thinking caps on, the results of which will hopefully provide the greatest Elder Scrolls experience yet.

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