The Last Of Us 2: 10 Believable Plot Theories You Need To Know

How are things shaping up for Joel and Ellie's next apocalyptic adventure?

Naughty Dog

Clickers, violent cults and quiet cities reclaimed by nature await gamers in the form of The Last of Us Part Two. The sequel to one of the most critically acclaimed video games of all time has been surrounded with speculative theories, but shrouded in mystery; allowing brief insights into everyone’s favourite dysfunctional surrogate father/daughter duo.

The Last of Us Part Two may be four painstakingly long months away, but if it results in the kind of polished and masterful experience that Naughty Dog is known for, it will all be worth it.

This extra time since the delay has also allows us to sift our way through the minuscule details peppered through the various released previews, to help paint a picture of the story threads that may take place in this mature post-apocalypse.

Is Joel dead? Are there any fireflies left? Is that Ellie’s mother?

Questions and theories that beg to be answered as the countdown to release day continues. Until then, we are here to shine a light on the credible of the bunch, and cast aside the downright implausible.


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